Is CBD available on Amazon?

Is CBD available on Amazon?

Yes and no, to our surprise with research we found that some company’s do indeed sell actual CBD on Amazon (This is against Amazon's terms of service). Unfortunately, it is not clear which products do contain CBD, and which do not. The problem is that many companies out there have taken the approach of marketing hemp oil as a CBD product and avoid adding the details of “active cannabinoids” or the term “CBD” in any part of the description. Because of this, you won't know what you are getting unless you get it tested third party lab tested AFTER purchase. The majority of "CBD" oils being sold on amazon are made from the hemp seed itself, not the fully matured plant. If you actually read carefully, you can see that most of them don’t include what it is exactly that you are consuming. Taken from a product listed on amazon this is their description of what they are marketing:

“100% Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains 113 natural elements found in the Hemp plant. Our process insures that the highest quality of these elements are maintained in their original form from the plant. Not an isolate.”

This approach is a very carefully designed marketing scheme/technique to confuse people who are searching for CBD and stumble upon these products that are marketed on Amazon. It is the unfortunate truth that people have purchased these products on amazon expecting they will be solved of their anxiety, pain, stress, and other claims made within the amazon product pages. We just want what is best for our customers and we will continue to try and educate consumers out there who truly need the benefits that CBD may provide. Please shop smart and follow our guide to help you find the right CBD oil!

ALWAYS! ask for a third party lab certificate of analysis (COA)

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